The Best Post-Workout Recovery Drinks

December 15, 2015
When your workout is over, your recovery begins. So what's in your water bottle?

What you eat and drink after your workout directly affects your recovery, muscle building, fat loss and hydration. That’s why it’s important you re-fuel wisely. Luckily for you, here's our guide to the best recovery drinks for different types of exercise.

If you’ve done 30 minutes or more of cardio on a bike, rowing machine, stepper or treadmill, your priority is to rehydrate and replace your electrolytes.

Try this: ditch sugary sports drinks in favour of at least 500ml of water mixed with electrolyte powder or electrolyte tablets. Then have a small meal or snack containing some carbohydrates and protein and keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

The heat and humidity of the pool and changing area can really make you thirsty.

Try this: sip on water mixed with electrolytes immediately after your swim. We recommend BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) and water as sports drinks or shop-bought electrolyte drinks are full of unnecessary sugar, which will undo your good work. You’re likely to feel hungry after a swim too, but remember that most of this will be thirst and a need for salts and electrolytes, so a drink could keep the hunger at bay.

Depending on the gym class, you might need water, a sports drink or even a decent snack. Things to consider include the length and intensity of the class, the temperature of the room, and how much you’ve sweated.

Try this: take two bottles with you to class, one with plain water and one with a scoop of BCAAs and electrolyte replacement powder. After class, refuel from both bottles. If your class was intense or involved weights/resistance training, you could also drink a protein drink such as whey protein or whey isolate to help recovery.

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